We follow a  set of tournament rules  established by the USBGF and American Backgammon Tour revised 2017 by USBGF/ABT

The BBC Thanks Genna Cowan

and the Maryland BG Club.

The MDBG club is currently running at its normal time and venue.

The MDBG club headed by Director, Genna Cowan, graciously donated funding to provide support for the website for the Baltimore Backgammon Club for the next 2 years. Cowan is an active member of the BBC who provides a significant challenge to each opponent she faces. Genna has participated in several major ABT events and represented the MDBC and BBC with alacrity. Her passion for the game continues to inspire growth in both clubs by supporting both new players and seasoned veterans alike. Rarely will you encounter this amazing Director without a smile on her face and a willingness to greet you and then subsequently dominate you on any one of her beautifully crafted, artisan boards. Genna is a terrific and valued member of the Maryland backgammon community and we at the Baltimore Backgammon Club recognize and thank her for her generous contribution to our club and as an ambassador to the game.

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Welcome to our  Backgammon club!

The Baltimore Backgammon Club, has been in continuous operation since May 2007.  Although not directly connected with the former Backgammon Club of Baltimore, an enormously successful club which operated for years during the 1970's and 80's, the BBC roots trace back to that club, and we are grateful for their efforts in popularizing modern backgammon. Our tournaments are open to players of all skill levels.



For our main tournaments we meet at a family owned restaurant in White Marsh, MD: Alice's A Family Restaurant has been serving up home cooked favorites for decades in Baltimore County.

Backgammon History 1930's

Passengers Playing Backgammon aboard pan am's legendary china clipper.  built at Baltimore's glen l. martin plant.



Two well-established Backgammon Clubs with long histories and a new Meetup Group meet regularly in the Washington, D.C. area and a club meets monthly in Columbia, MD.



We have adopted a tournament format which guarantees each entrant two matches, although not necessarily two losses.


Paul Laubner, Director



Mary Laubner, AD/Statistician


Mark Davis, AD/Special Events Coordinator

Victor Morawski, Club Founder 443-401-0837


Please Bring a Set!

 LIVE MATCHES now Scheduled

Live Backgammon Tournaments!
      First Tuesday of the Month.

***Special events***

Beginners/Novice Tournaments TBA! 

Format TBD

We will likely pair these events with the regular Tuesday Club Venue Events depending on interest and turnout.

The principle concept behind this event is to introduce folks who are interested in backgammon, played as a youngster, played in school, or on the floor of the living room with their family, or were just passing by the club and watched us play and were fascinated or were otherwise exposed to the game, but never played modern tournament style backgammon. The BBC welcomes players of all skill levels and this setting will be an opportunity to roll, play, and have open discussion on practical and theoretical concepts and applications with seasoned club players and professionals at no cost! It's literally all about the learning.

M.D. (Mark Davis) BG Group

Location: IHop

68696 Liberty Rd, Randallstown, MD 21133

Meets:3rd Wednesday of the month.

Time: 6 pm, 5:45 draw.

Double elimination. 7pt./7pt.

Chouette: 5 pm.

Director: Mark Davis @ 443-280-0651 call or text.

Confirm all IBG dates with the Director

Pertinent rule changes since 2020:

The BBC is keeping up with the USBGF and the rest of the professional backgammon world and recognize the need to adapt to recent standards.

Definition review for preference:


Required: use is required, no player choice;

Preferred: either player may insist on use;

If Agreed: use only if both players agree;

By Roll: use is settled by the roll of high dice;

Per Player: each player may make their own choice.

**As of 2020, we are clocks AND dice rolling box PREFERRED. The Director reserves the right to impose clock usage on any match, at any time.**

**As of 2020, we play dice on checkers as LEGAL.**

To be valid, a die must come to rest on the playing field or checkers on the same side of the bar as rolled. If the die is supported by a vertical surface, balanced on its edge or corner, or descends below the top surface of all checkers on which it rests, then a re-roll is required.

**As of 2020, we REQUIRE play with only one set of dice.**


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2023 SATURDAY  TOURNAMENT: The Comebacker - TBA

A Saturday in November, 1 pm (Chouette: 12)

This Tournament is TBA.

Format: 9 and 7 point matches, progressive consolation, clocks required.

We plan to run 1 Saturday tournament this year in addition to our regular weekday events and with the cooperation of our local clubs, The Maryland BG Club, and The M.D. (Mark Davis) BG Group.

    Play nicely or play somewhere else

    We nurture and foster a family friendly and cordially competitive environment. If a player is deemed uncooperative, aggressive, disruptive, unsportsmanlike, rude, mean, or otherwise causing general discomfort for the group or the restaurant patrons or staff, then the player will be asked to change their behavior and if they refuse then they will be asked to leave and they may barred from the club and the restaurant. Anyone who is willing to play nicely is welcome. Anyone who decides otherwise will be shown the door. This club boasts players of all skill levels ranging from true beginner to world class. The director has the right to admit or refuse entry into any tournament. We have not had any problems with people behaving badly, this is a simply a notification which expresses our sentiment. Our players and staff will not be subject to bullying behavior. Don't do it.


    Baltimore Backgammon Club
    2909 Eastern BoulevardMiddle RiverMaryland 21220, United States

    COVID sucked. Thanks, China. We follow CDC guidance and are now in an endemic situation. We do not wear masks nor do we encourage mask wearing.

    Player of the Year:

    The player of the year race will begin in 2024. Points will be awarded for placing in the finals and semi-finals.

    The Director staff have not yet determined whether the points awarded for the remainder of 2023 will be applicable to the 2024 race or to what end they will serve. Since we are in "start back-up" mode, we will make a logical decision when the time comes.

    Additional MD BG Clubs

    Maryland Backgammon Club

    Location: Union Jacks in Columbia MD.

    10400 Little Patuxent Pkwy, Columbia MD

    Meets: 2nd Monday of the month.

    Time: 6:00 pm, 6:15 draw

    Double elimination. 5pt./3pt.

    Chouette: 4:30/5:00

    Director: Genna Cowan @ 410-905-6462 / gennais@verizon.net

    Confirm all MDBG dates with the Director.

    Our Upcoming 2023 Tournament Dates


    09/05 Upcoming





    Entry Fee: 15

    Side Pool (optional): 15


    6:30 PM Draw

    Play begins @ 6:45

    Chouette Play begins as early as 4:30

    Alice's Family Restaurant

    2909 Eastern Blvd. Middle River 21220

    Rarely there could be late schedule changes not reflected on this web site.  For the latest updates and reminders, request to be added to our e-mail mailing list by going to the CONTACT US page above.